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MT Højgaard has been working in the Nordics for 100 years, and we are deeply rooted in the supply chain and have carried out contracts in a variety of important industries. In recent years, we have helped leading companies establish the largest data centres in the country. 

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It makes great sense to place data centres in Denmark. We are ranked best in Europe by the World Bank regarding construction permits covering both time, amount of procedures, cost and quality. The national power supply has a 99,997% up-time, and due to the climate, the energy consumption for cooling is low. These and a number of other reasons make Denmark an ideal country for Tier 4 data centres. 

At MT Højgaard, we work as both a general contractor, and as a subcontractor on civil, construction and electrical enterprises. We do work alone, but also with international contractors recommended by international clients.

We are open to entering into contracts based on a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) or on lump sum conditions. We are happy to collaborate closely with our clients and their consultants in processes where we design and build in an open, digitally supported and transparent environment.

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