Are you equipped to handle challenging tasks in the construction industry and, over time, be able to handle a managerial or specialist role? If so, apply for MT Højgaard's graduate programme.

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Graduate in MT Højgaard

Our graduate programme is for newly graduated architects, engineers, and constructing architects.

The graduate programme is a strategic investment in future managers, project managers and specialists. Through the programme, you gain a thorough understanding of MT Højgaard and a wide network, granting you the perfect start to your career with us.

Our graduate programme allows for many career paths such as design, tender, design management, project management and production management.

Professional and personal development

As a graduate at MT Højgaard, you will gain a wide network of professionally competent and dedicated colleagues to engage with and learn from. You will be joining our graduate network that meets up at both professional and social events. This is a network where you can discuss the challenges and opportunities you typically encounter in your work.

As part of the programme you will get a mentor who is a more experienced colleague that can be your role model and mentor at both a professional and personal level. You will also receive career advice from our HR department when needed.

When you start, you will take part in our introduction programme for new employees, which includes the first module of our internal project management training. We expect you to complete the second module of the project manager training during the programme. 



The course of the graduate programme

The graduate programme at MT Højgaard typically lasts between two and a half to three and a half years during which you will rotate between at least three different business areas. This way, you get a comprehensive understanding of the company. At the same time, you have the opportunity to use your professional competences and explore specific disciplines in depth as a rotation typically lasts around a year. In this way, you gain a unique insight into our business and the various disciplines it involves while also creating value.

We tailor the graduate rotations to your skills and development needs while also adapting them to our own business needs and focus areas.

The course of the graduate programme is not predefined. On the contrary, there is a lot of flexibility in the programme and when you rotate and exactly where to will always depend on where we have projects.This provides a great deal of flexibility to the programme which graduates and the company alike profit by.

There are lots of possibilities and career opportunities at MT Højgaard which you will get the chance to try out via your graduate rotations. Below you can read about some of them.

Design & Engineering

Our Design & Engineering department works as consulting engineers in relation to the design of construction and civil engineering activities as well as steel structures. You will work as a design engineer on creating optimized designs and exciting projects in close collaboration with contractors and architects.


As a graduate in VDC, you will work on implementing and advising about VDC processes and technologies on projects and tenders.


In Tender you will work as a tender estimator and tender manager on sub, main and design-build contracts. . You will work on the maintenance and further development of calculations tools, digital quantity take-offs as well as the department’s digital development within VDC.

Design management

As a graduate within design management, you will be the link between the design and the execution of exciting and interdisciplinary projects where you will work with client consultants, authorities, clients and subcontractors. You will be working on consultancy agreements and preparation of design plans as well as coordinating consultancy services and interfaces between consultants.

Project Management - Construction/Civil Engineering

As a graduate within project management, you will be part of the execution of inspiring projects. You will work on a construction, civil engineering or renovation project. Here you will be responsible for managing and coordinating the various sub-contracts as well as preparing and monitoring timetables, process management, quality assurance and supervising construction meetings.

Production Management – Construction/Civil Engineering

You will work in either our carpentry department or our civil engineering and concrete department. You will work with tenders and/or work on a construction site as part of the construction team. Your work will include project finance, scheduling, process management, project clarification, quality assurance and ordering materials as well as managing hourly workers, including piece-rate negotiations.


Recruitment process

We are currently not open for applications for our graduate program. Sign up for our job newsletter if you would like an email when we post graduate jobs on our website.


Send your application and CV via our recruitment system.

Remember to inform us where in Denmark you would like to work. Highlight relevant work experience, where in MT Højgaard you see yourself in the future and how your personal qualifications match our vision and values.

Video and cognitive test

Selected candidates should send us a two-minute video presentation and complete a cognitive text. Candidates who do not succeed in getting to the first interview will receive written feedback on their cognitive test by email.

First interview

Selected candidates will take part in a 45 minute interview with our HR department. This will include feedback on the cognitive test.

Candidates who succeed in progressing to the next stage will complete a personality test.

Assessment Day

Selected candidates will take part in an Assessment Day at our head office in Søborg. Representatives from MT Højgaard’s management team will participate as assessors.

Second interview

Selected candidates will be interviewed by the relevant manager and the HR department. This interview will include feedback on the personality test. Then, candidates selected for the graduate program are selected. The remaining candidates will be considered for jobs outside the graduate program. 


What we expect from you

 We have certain expectations of the candidates who wish to become part of our graduate programme.

We expect you to have recently graduated as a Bachelor of Engineering or civil engineer, a constructing architect, possibly with a master’s degree, hold a degree as an architect or have a similar relevant education.

MT Højgaard’s graduate programme is for all graduates within the aforementioned educational degrees, independent of nationality. However, since you will rotate between different departments and/or construction sites and will have to work with many different types of employees as well as subcontractors, it is important that you are able to communicate in Danish at a certain level.

You have achieved top grades throughout your education, thrive on change and being new several times. You are curious and enjoy learning new things.

You understand the importance of collaboration and delivering results. You want to work for MT Højgaard not just because we take on major and exciting projects, but also because you are interested in contributing to our strategy of being the most productivity-enhancing group in the construction and civil engineering industry. Accordingly, you have an ambition – and are committed - to creating efficient processes and optimal solutions for MT Højgaard and our customers.

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