Civil works and infrastructure

At MT Højgaard Danmark we build both on land and at sea when undertaking civil engineering work. We create major infrastructure projects such as the Ringsted-Fehmarn link and the road bridge across the Gudenå river. We are involved in earthwork and piling projects such as Bestseller and our own head office. In addition, we undertake numerous projects in the marine engineering and shell construction fields. We perform these all over Denmark and we are involved in major bridge projects in Sweden and Norway, along with a number of different construction operations in the Maldives.  

Concrete and concrete refurbishment

We use our competencies within concrete for civil works and concrete refurbishment when we create bridges all over Denmark. The combination of skilled employees and years of experience creates value for our customers working on various types of bridge projects in Denmark. 

We also take part in concrete contracts on hospitals, data centres and other types of projects where we can make a difference. 

In concrete works within civil engineering we are known for doing large projects such as the railway connection between Ringsted and Fehmarn and the motorway bridge over the Gudenå stream, but we have the competencies and equipment to make great solutions on all sizes of projects.

Section Director Niels Holm Mikkelsen: +45 3038 9701

Excavations and ramming

We have the equipment and knowledge to conduct excavations. We used both when we built Bestseller´s domicile for more than 800 employees at Aarhus harbour and when we created the Moesgaard Museum in Højbjerg. As part of the museum contract, we completed both the excavation and rammed the massive steel pilings. In general, we mostly conduct excavations when working on large concrete assignments, harbour expansions and similar projects.  

Our ramming works are carried through as part of other building assignments. Lately we´ve did the ramming on our proprietary housing project on Hummeltoftevej in Virum. We executed the project with respect for dimensioning, municipal approvals, correct signage, neighbour notifications and measurement of vibrations. Using our noiseless battering ram we also rammed a permanent sheet piling on a ramp on a railway bridge in Næstved. This work is part of an ambitious public project in which we create a connection between Ringsted and Fehmarn.  

We execute projects within excavation and ramming as part of turnkey contracts, main contracts and subcontracts. One of our recent subcontracts was a housing project in Copenhagen where we rammed a large number of foundation piles.

Section Director Niels Holm Mikkelsen: +45 3038 9701

Industry and energy

We put our experience within industry and energy contracts to use when we execute projects regarding wastewater treatment plants and biogas plants. We have the competencies to perform most types of industry and energy contracts due to our flexibility and highly skilled specialists. 

In recent years we have made a new pumping station on Kløvermarken and have created a 104 meters tall chimney for the biomass facility in Lisbjerg. Previously, we also made a four kilometres long district heating tunnel 30 meters below the city centre of Copenhagen, as well as expanding the wastewater treatment plant on Lynetten.  

The end products of these contracts have turned out great because of our large in-house production capacity that can easily conduct similar contracts in the future.

Section Director Niels Holm Mikkelsen +45 3038 9701


We have intensive experience with infrastructure projects and we continually help public clients all over Denmark. On Zealand we are in the process of creating 56 railway bridges as part of the connection between Ringsted and the island of Fehmarn, and a couple of years ago we created a control centre for the metro line in Copenhagen called Cityringen. In Jutland we have created a motorway bridge and have been part of a series of contracts within marine works. 

Our track record of constructing many kilometres of bridges and roads has given us the necessary experience to make our projects successful, and we use our engineering competencies to create the right preconditions on all of our infrastructure projects.    

The working environment on our infrastructure projects always live up to Danish standards, and if requested we can also live up to toughened international requirements on specific requirements.

Section Director Niels Holm Mikkelsen +45 3038 9701

Marine works

For more than 10 years we have developed our skills of creating large and small marine works projects. Today, we are one of the leading contractors within this field in Denmark. We do projects within the following categories:  

  • Ferry terminals 
  • Commercial harbours 
  • Docks and quays 
  • Piers and jetties 
  • Duc d´alba 
  • Coastal protection and climate proofing 

We have the ability to solve the above tasks due to having the right equipment such as fleets with hydraulic pulleys, wire machines, GPS controlled excavators and specialized vibrators and hammers. Furthermore, we have highly skilled craftsmen with many years of marine works experience who can design and execute the most optimum solutions.  

We use our skills on a lot of different projects such as a ferry terminal for Molslinjen, three ferry landings in the South Funen Archipelago, a water promenade in Sønderborg and water refurbishments in Kalundborg and on the Livø island.  

The need for coastal protection may increase in the coming years. We have the skills to take part in developing the best solutions due to our experience in creating physical barriers in ferry harbours.

Head of Department Jimmy Laursen: +45 2270 3016

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