MT Højgaard Danmark's construction business develops and constructs buildings for private and public purposes. As a full-service provider, we have the skills and size to take on major and complex construction projects from concept to operation. 


We build housing projects of various types and sizes in Denmark ranging from standardized housing concepts to special designs. On these kinds of projects we can participate both as a turnkey contractor and as a main contractor.  

We have numerous project examplesxamples: In Aalborg in Northern Jutland, we recently handed over the Danalien project which is based on our MultiFlex Living building concept. Based on this concept we use standardized building parts in order to simplify the construction process and reduce construction time.  

At Hummeltoftevej in Virum we are working on a housing and business project that we have developed together with the Municipality of Lyngby-Taarbaek.In Aarhus, the largest city of Jutland, we carry out the AARhus building on Aarhus Island, an architectural lighthouse designed by Bjarke Ingels.  

We have inhouse competencies that enable us to develop our own housing projects from scratch and we are willing to discuss future housing projects of all sizes across Denmark.

Jutland and Funen: Carsten Nielsen: +45 2270 0268

Zealand: Niels Holm Mikkelsen:  +45 30389701

Industrial and commercial construction

We create great places to work for thousands of people. In recent times we have built large headquarters for companies such as Novo Nordisk, Bestseller and Nordea, and we also carry out functional office buildings and combined residential and commercial buildings based on the company’s needs.  

Our experience, solidity and competencies within turnkey, main and professional contracts make us the safe choice for large companies that need new headquarters in which personality and quality are paramount. 

We have developed the MultiFlex Office concept which is based on standardized building materials and specially designed for office buildings. This concept creates an office for flexible room design and the possibility of continuous adaptation to changing needs. This ensures a good end result at a very competitive price.

Jutland and Funen: Section Director Carsten Nielsen: +45 2270 0268

Zealand: Niels Holm Mikkelsen: +45 30389701

Data centres

It makes good sense to place data centres in Denmark. We are ranked best in Europe by the World Bank regarding construction permits covering both time, procedures, costs and quality. The national power supply has a 99,997% up-time, and due to the relatively cold climate, the energy consumption for cooling is low. For these reasons among others Denmark is an ideal country for Tier 4 data centres.

As a company, we work as a turnkey contractor or as a subcontractor for design and electricity contracts at data centres. We are happy to work independently but also work with international contractors that have been recommended by our clients.

We are open to entering into contracts based on a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) or on lump sum conditions. We are happy to collaborate closely with our clients and their consultants in processes in which we design and build in an open, digitally supported and transparent environment.  

We have a great focus on working environment in general and our vision is zero accidents pr. 1 million working hours. We always meet the current Danish standards, and we can meet stricter international requirements on selected working environment areas if need be. Today, we already meet stricter standards for major international developers.

Section Director Niels Holm Mikkelsen: +45 3038 9701

Hospitals and care centres

We are involved in more projects  in the hospital segment than any other contractor in Denmark, and it has been so for many years due to our competencies within this field. Throughout the country we carry out all kinds of hospitals and care centres. On these projects our proud traditions and many skilled craftsmen allow us to participate both as a turnkey, main  or subcontractor.  

We are able to carry out huge shell construction projects such as New Aalborg University Hospital, where we have built 155,000 square meters of cast in-situ concrete in eight floors. We can also enter into a subcontractor agreement as it is the case at Herlev Hospital where we do the carpentry work. In addition to these two projects, we have recently brought our competencies in play in relations to several hospital buildings in Slagelse, Vejle, Esbjerg and Gødstrup.

Jutland and Funen: Section Director Carsten Nielsen: +45 2270 0268

Zealand: Niels Holm Mikkelsen: +45 30389701

Schools sports and culture

The environment for our children's daily lives is important, and we are experts in constructing schools, sports facilities and cultural buildings all over Denmark. We have proved this over the last ten years in creating a large number of schools and educational institutions. 

You can experience it for yourself by visiting schools like the Nordstjerneskolen in Frederikshavn in Northern Jutland, the Kalvebod Fælled Skole in Copenhagen or the Skovbakkeskolen in Odder near Aarhus. Common to the school projects is our focus on indoor climate and the children’s well-being. 

In the field of culture we have taken part in building well-known Danish buildings in recent times. Thus, we have created both a new exhibition building for the Moesgaard Museum in Aarhus, and we have been responsible for the complex concrete work at the Blue Planet aquarium near Copenhagen.

Jutland and Funen: Section Director Carsten Nielsen: +45 2270 0268

Zealand: Niels Holm Mikkelsen: +45 30389701

Shell construction and concrete

We have many years of experience in creating shell constructions in various sizes across the country. We have done this as part of extensive contracts in which we also carried out other technical subjects and in subcontracts for other contractors.  

We deliver high quality shell constructionsthanks to both our in-house production department specialized in concrete and our experience within this field. 

We take pride in delivering high quality at competitive prices regardless of the size of the shell construction. One of our projects in recent years has been at New Aalborg University Hospital where we have build 155,000 square meters of cast in-situ concrete in eight floors. On Zealand we also have strong traditions. We recently created the shell construction for a building at Slagelse Hospital as well as for a university building at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).Recently we also built a large housing project at Hummeltoftevej in Virum. 

We take part in smaller projects, too. We are doing so for the time being at HF and VUC in Odense, a project which is part of the University of Southern Denmark. We also work on a project on a campus in Horsens, where we cast in situ shell constructions.

Section Director Niels Holm Mikkelsen: +45 3038 9701

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