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56 Bridges between Ringsted and Fehmarn

Scandinavia and the rest of Europe brought closer together with major upgrade of the railway line from Ringsted to Fehmarn

The bridges from Ringsted to Fehmarn are part of the overall upgrade of the railway for the upcoming Fehmarnbelt. We have bulit 26 new bridges and widened or renovated the rest of the bridges.

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56 Bridges between Ringsted and Fehmarn




Bridges, Infrastructure, Design and engineering





Engineer: EKJ

The railway line will result in a faster journey time between Copenhagen and Hamburg, switch freight and travellers from road to rail and cut CO2 emissions. The project consisted of a total of 20 bridge constructions, built either as concrete frames cast in situ or as prefabricated elements. This ensured a fast replacement of the existing structures.

The railway line from Ringsted to Fehmarn has received a major upgrade with 56 new bridges.

26 bridges have been rebuilt while the rest of the bridges have been widened or renovated.

Interdisciplinary design

During the design of the many bridges, MT Højgaard brought all its engineering disciplines to bear including, civil engineering, soil engineering, drainage, earthworks and surveying as well as temporary structures.

The project comprised eight existing railway bridges, which have been widened, nine rail bridge were executed as pre-fabricated elements, two footpath tunnels and a major retaining wall.

The widenings were constructed as frames cast in situ in order to achieve uniformity with the existing structures, while replacement of entire bridges were carried out using pre-fabricated elements to ensure rapid replacement in shorter track sections.

In addition to the load-bearing structures, the project also comprised the design of the track foundation surrounding the construction as well as the design of all the temporary retaining walls and scaffolding constructions.

The project was planned using the latest 3D tools with ongoing collision control.

3D Design

The project was planned using the latest 3D tools with ongoing collision control ensuring that the construction was feasible and coordinated. The 3D models were also used for ongoing quantity control.

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