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One of Aarhus' most exciting housing projects set to benefit the entire city and its inhabitants

As part of the Aarhus Ø urban development, we have built 251 apartments and a number of activity centres, which have a central location in the vibrant Aarhus waterfront. The construction put particular emphasis on residents being able to put their own imprint on their homes.

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Project Details

Project Name

Unique AARhus housing project




Residential construction



Kilde & Mortensen


Engineer: MOE. Architects: Bjarke Ingels Group and Gehl Architects

The project’s floor space is 21,500m², with 9.700m² of balconies, 11.000m² of parking facilities with activity centres and communal areas occupying another 7,100m².

The building has a central location in the vibrant Aarhus waterfront.

AARhus comprises 251 apartments and a number of activity centres.

MT Højgaard has constructed the AARhus housing project, designed by the Bjarke Ingels Group. We were responsible for the overall project management, pricing, design and execution. The project, which involved the building of 20 storeys, was challenging, because the design incorprates more than just standard elements and steel. We have paid particular attention to detailed planning and in terms of the concrete casting we have greatly benefitted from our in-house production.

AARhus housing project is designed by the Bjarke Ingels Group and was finished in 2019.

Homeowners had the opportunity to tailor-make their own home

Together with the client, Kilde & Mortensen, we had meetings with individual buyers where they were offered the option to choose between different types of floors, plumbing, etc. We managed this process through a self-developed tool by which we keept track of individual choices, budgets and information for craftsmen about the individual homes.

AARhus is a complex building. Therefore it comprises more than standard elements and steel.

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