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Baggage building for Copenhagen Airport

MT Højgaard Danmark has built Baggage Factory West in Copenhagen Airport. The building houses a baggage sorting facility, offices, locker rooms, and a cafeteria for the employees. In total the project counts 10,000 square metres.  

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Project Details

Project Name

Baggage Factory West




Industrial and commercial construction, Infrastructure




Copenhagen Airport


Sweco & Rubow Arkitekter

Baggage Factory West has been carried out in a cooperation agreement between MT Højgaard Danmark and Copenhagen Airport. The 9.500 squaremetres large building is connected to the terminals in the basement. With glass facades, skylights, and ekstra ventilation the design focuses on the indoor climate. In cooperation with the ground handlers, who works in the building, the project also focuses on the work environment. Apart from the actual baggage facilities the building also houses a cafeteria for 360 people and offices.

Collaboration as the focal point

Clear and open cooperation agreements have become more common within building during the last couple of years. But for them to suceed a high degree of trust between the client, contractor, and advisor is a must:

"We believe a lot in cooperation agreements in MT Højgaard Danmark. But we are very much aware of the fact that this type of agreement doesn't guarantee a succesfull project. First and foremost it is about openness and hard work - especially during the beginning of a project where we are creating the settings", says section director in MT Højgaard Danmark Martin Lose.

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