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Massive increase in capacity of the chimney for the biomass plant in Lisbjerg

MT Højgaard has slip-form cast a 104m high concrete chimney for the biomass plant in Lisbjerg. The chimney has an external diameter of 7.4m, and a total 950m3 of concrete was used during the casting.

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Project Details

Project Name

Chimney for the Lisbjerg Biomass Plant




Industrial and commercial construction



Aarhus Municipality


Thirty days work without pause

The building process was continuous where it was important that no construction joints were created in the cast. We therefore undertook the casting round-the-clock for thirty days. This meant that an average of three and a half metres was cast per day.

The capacity of the biomass plant is massively increased with the chimney.

The casting of the concrete chimney was done day and night for 30 days.

During the slip-form casting, the concrete was cast in a 1m high form, which was elevated 25 cm at a time. This meant that the concrete had six hours in the form, after which it should be sufficiently set. The calculation of the correct combination of accelerator, retarding agent and temperature took a few months, and during the actual casting, it was continuously refined.

The chimney for the Lisbjerg biomass plant measures 104 metres.

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