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Historical industrial area becomes new quarter of Odense

Odense gets new and attractive urban area on the site that used to house Dalum Paper Factory. The area gets both rented and owned housing, a grocery store, a senior cohabitation, parking garage, common house, and green areas. When finished the total building will consist of 45.000 square metres.

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Project Details

Project Name

Dalum Paper Factory


In progress


Residential construction, Renovation



Developer: MT Højgaard Projektudvikling A/S


Architect: C.F. Møller Architects Consulting engineer: Niras

An area where new meets old 

We are creating a diverse urban space, where modern architecture is united with buildings worth preserving. MT Højgaard has developed the area. When finished it will consist of both housing, a common house, grocery store, parking garage, and green areas. 

Old buildings are preserved

The area oozes history. From 1884 until 2012 the old buildings housed Denmark's oldest paper factory. A piece of history that we have focused on preserving by gently renovating and restoring buildings such as the old factory building with iconic sawtooth roof. Here the residents will park their cars in the future.

The characteristic sawtooth roof on the factory builind is preserved. The roof was constructed to spread the daylight evenly in the entire bulidning.

The paper production took place in the building with the iconic roof. The windows are northfacing to protect the paper against direct sunlight. 

Soft ground requires special consideration 

The scenic location near Odense brook makes special demands from MT Højgaard. Soft ground and high water table made it necessary to drive piles into the ground before building. By doing that we minimise the risk of settlement over time.

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