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New learning environment for high school in Horsens

Two high schools have been merged in Horsens. The now 1,350 students and 150 employees have moved into a building that is completely refurbished and expanded with 6,500 square metres. The building has a flexible interior and a unique material use which inspires creativity.

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Project Details

Project Name

Horsens High School




Education and research, Renovation




Horsens Gymnasium and Horsens Statsskole


C.F. Møller Architects

Cluster structure ties together the school

On a design-build contract we have restructured and expanded Horsens High School to an interconnected cluster structure. We have refurbished the existing buildings and built a new extension for social- and natural subjects and a new sports hall. The school yard and passages create life, and the buildings are linked together by glass bridges.

Flexible rooms

There is a lot of special interior solutions that give many of the rooms more than one function. The new sports hall consists of a mirror hall and a gym. Between the two rooms we have installed a folding wall which makes it possible to combine them. The drama rooms are difficult to find when they are not being used. When the students need to practise their acting, they can establish two classrooms with three folding walls. Acting requires good acoustics, so we have installed ceilings of rockfon and troldtekt where the drama rooms unfold.

Focus on sound

The foldable drama rooms are not the only rooms with good acoustics. We have installed acoustic walls in every classroom. We have also built a new nine metres tall curved assembly hall with wood on the walls and ceiling. That makes the hall optimal for concerts. The new music rooms are built as box-in-box rooms. That means that there is a smaller room in each room which enables students to practice an instrument without disturbing the rest of the room.

We have used glass to create open and inviting rooms with space for immersion. From the main entrance you step into a big bright room. Here, we have built rooms in glass for teacher preparation and group work.

Recycled materials create a special environment

The new high school in Horsens is a fusion between two schools, and it is placed where one of the two used to be. The refurbishment and extension mean that almost all of the school’s functions have been extended, and it is hard to recognize. But if you look closely at the new characteristic brick wall, which stretches from the floor on the ground floor to the ceiling on the first floor, you see traces from the old school. The bricks are from the old employee housing, and you can still see notes that former students have scratched into them on the new wall.

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