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Value-optimised head office for KPMG/EY with emphasis on open spaces and sustainability

MT Højgaard built KPMG/EY’s head office close to Flintholm Station in Frederiksberg. The office development comprises approximately 33,500m2 across seven floors, 1,300 m2 of shops at street level and a parking area of approximately 22,000m2 on the two lowest levels.

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Project Details

Project Name

KPMG/EY Head Office




Sustainability, Industrial and commercial construction, Steel



KPMG Danmark


Architect: 3XN

Building the head office took place over three years, from 2009 to 2012. As well as the construction itself, we were responsible for all engineering disciplines, such as structures, drainage, electricity, plumbing and environmental and geotechnical surveys. Since the opening, we have maintained our good relationship with KPMG/EY and have assisted them in the running of their stunning head office.

Three-leaf clover with unusual shapes and angles

The head office was designed by 3xnielsen A/S. It is shaped like a three-leaf clover with four large atria. This presented an exciting and challenging assignment since it involved many unusual shapes and angles.

Large, open rooms are central to the KPMG/EY head office.

Skylights, walkways and a penthouse in steel

The structures are constructed from concrete elements, founded on pillars. Skylights, walkways and a steel penthouse were installed in the atria.

The stability of the building was ensured by means of the floor constructions distributing the horizontal forces from the wind and construction load to the reinforced walls, which were constructed in situ on the first two floors and with concrete elements on the upper floors.

During the construction phase, we successfully focused on the acoustics in order to achieve the optimum sound balance.

In the atriums there is a penthouse constructed using steel as well as roof windows and footbridges.

The façade of the head office is spectacular with its edged shapes.

DGNB Silver certification

KPMG/EY’s head office was awarded silver under the DGNB sustainability certification system in May 2012. The certification is assessed through a series of sustainability parameters within the areas of the environment, economic and social sustainability.

In 2012, silver certification was the highest award within sustainable construction that existed in Denmark at the time.

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