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MT Højgaard converted 22 housing blocks in Ladegårdsparken into attractive and contemporary residences

At Ladegårdsparken in Holbæk, 22 residential blocks were extensively refurbished with 910 apartments being combined and renewed. The renovation comprised both internal and external works and throughout the entire project, we focused on the involvement of the residents.

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Project Details

Project Name

Renovation of Ladegårdsparken




Renovation, Residential construction



Domea - Landscenter


Architect: Rubow Arkitekter. Engineer: Orbicon and Opland

Contemporary and attractive apartments

The renovation of 22 residential blocks in Ladegårdsparken was part of a master plan in Holbæk, where the emphasis was on both social housing measures and physical improvements.

MT Højgaard was the design-build contractor responsible for the project. Based on a vision to create a more attractive residential area, we were responsible for the refurbishment comprising extensive internal as well as external works.

Internally we combined apartments, replaced kitchens and floors and built new bathrooms. Externally we renovated the concrete façades, replaced roofs and installed solar panels. The result is far more contemporary and attractive housing for the residents in the area.

Focus on co-operation with the residents 

As always, when we renovate a residential area, we are particularly focused on creating the best possible relationship with the residents before and after the commencement of the project. 

From the start, we invited the residents to discuss the refurbishment of their homes and living space.

We notified the residents well beforehand that they could be in daily contact with us at our on-site office as well as via a 24-hour telephone number.  Moreover, we used pictograms for signposting, which could be understood by everyone regardless of age and language. Since the residents included families, the elderly and different cultures, we were very careful to take all groups into account.

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