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Historical mansion with unique surroundings turned into exclusive housing 

In 1907 Skovlyhjemmet was built as a home for maladjusted girls. MT Højgaard has now renovated the girl’s home, and we have added several exclusive housings as neighbour buildings. The new area has been named Magdaleneparken, and soon 63 families can move in and give the homes their own personal touch. 

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Residential construction




Artha Holding


Arkitema Architects

Beautiful homes surrounded by forest

The original mansions have been renovated and turned into apartments. At the same time, we have built four new mansions with apartments and seven terrace houses. Magdaleneparken is now comprised of a total of 7059 square metres of aesthetic housing. All the homes have been equipped with either a balcony, terrace, or garden, so the residents can enjoy the unique 32000 square metres big parklike site.

Future-proofing and preservation of the historical heritag

From the beginning of the project preservation of the area’s heritage and the close connection to the forest has been the main focus. The original idea with the girl’s home was to create quality of life and room for reflection. The vision with Magdaleneparken is that the residents and the community feel just that idea in the new area. That is why the park, that surrounds the new housing, has been re-established.

While preserving the heritage of the area MT Højgaard has renovated the girl’s home to create sustainable housing for the future. The new Magdaleneparken has been built with the DGNB Silver-sustainability certification.


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