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New school for the children on Islands Brygge

In 2021 we finished the 10.000 square metres large New Islands Brygge School in Amager, Copenhagen. The school is an addition to the existing Islands Brygge School. The building accommodates 784 6th-9th-grade pupils.

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Project Details

Project Name

New Islands Brygge School




ESG, Culture and sports facilities, Earthworks, sewerage and piling, Shell construction, Education and research




Copenhagen Municipality, Byggeri København


Architect: CF Møller

10,000 square metre building

The school in Islands Brygge in Copenhagen has been extended. We have built a new school building that accommodates the school’s 784 6th-9th-grade pupils. The new building gives the school’s teachers, pupils and staff a high-quality school that sets the stage for playing and learning with a special focus on the indoor climate and a good outdoor environment with room for teaching, recreation and an inviting arrival area. The school will also be a gathering point for the local associations and sports clubs, which is why the ground floor is open and easily accessible, so everyone feels welcome at the school. 

Good collaboration and smart solutions

We collaborated with the architects at CF Møller on this project. The collaboration has made it possible to create a school that secures a good balance between movement and room for concentration, and which will offer great variation for any learning situation and preference. Furthermore, the collaboration has enhanced creative ideas and innovative solutions. For instance, the new school has a dynamic series of roof landscapes that will comprise the school yard and areas that set the stage for the users of the school to play and hang out as they wish. 

Confronting bad indoor climates ensures sustainability

Historically, Danish primary and lower secondary schools have had problems regarding the indoor climate. The high number of children in one place means a high heat strain resulting in an unhealthy indoor climate. New Islands Brygge School is a good example of how the indoor climate of our schools can improve when the clients prioritise it when building new schools. 

We were involved in the project at an early stage, which means that we have been able to work in close collaboration with the architects to think out smart solutions that secure a good indoor climate. We have for example advised them about the placement of the buildings and the classrooms so that both shade from the surrounding buildings as well as the orientation of the buildings and classrooms have been utilised so the classrooms do not superheat. This way we ensure a good indoor climate as well as a low need for cooling of the building, resulting in low energy consumption. Thereby, New Islands Brygge School is a sustainable building where the end user has been thought of in all stages of the project. 

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