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School on the island of Langeland to accommodate 1,000 pupils

The Ørsted School in Rudkøbing covers 14,500 m2 with accommodation for 1,000 pupils. The school has its own sports halls, playing fields and athletics facilities. The school was completed in 2010, and was built as a Public-Private Partnership (PPP).

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Project Details

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Ørsted School




Education and research, Sustainability, Design and engineering



Public sector contracting entity: Langeland Municipality. Client: PPP Ørstedskolen by DNB Bank, PKA, SamPension and MT Højgaard


Operating agreement with DEAS (previous Dan Ejendomme). Architect: KHR Arkitekter

PPP project

Even before the school was completed, the municipality of Langeland was familiar with all the costs, i.e. construction, operation and maintenance for the next 30 years. This is because the school was built in a Public-Private Partnership (PPP).

The daylight is exploited by virtue of the energy-friendly architecture at the school.

With a PPP project, the partners not only deliver the finished project, they are also responsible for the subsequent operation, maintenance and financing.

The Ørsted School in Rudkøbing covers 14,500 m2 with accommodation for 1,000 pupils.

Besides having its own sports halls the school is also equipped with playing fields and athletics facilities.

Energy-friendly architecture

From the design phase, sustainablity was considered in relation to the building’s energy consumption. For example, classrooms with significant heat loss face south or east, and daylight is used so that the need for artificial lighting is minimised. When the school was built, its energy requirements were more than 25% lower than the regulatory requirements.

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