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Extensive renovation of 15 apartment blocks in eastern Aalborg

On Ravnkildevej in Aalborg in Northern Jutland, MT Højgaard was responsible for the complete renovation of 15 apartment blocks comprising a total of 176 apartments. Among other things, the complete renovation of the apartment blocks involved an energy renovation as well as replacement of all utilities.

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Himmerland Boligforening


As part of the unified plan for the eastern part of Aalborg, we were part of the complete renovation of 15 apartment blocks on Ravnkildevej. 

Renovation transforms the area

Aside from energy optimisations, the purpose of the renovation of Ravnkildevej is to make the area, which used to have a slightly tarnished reputation, more attractive to a wider group of people. In connection to the complete renovation of the apartment blocks, the client, Himmerland Boligforening , has chosen to turn some of the apartments into so-called availability apartments that provide easy access for wheel-chair users. Other apartments have been remodelled from one to two storeys. 

Furthermore, we have undertaken an energy renovation of the blocks and replaced all underground utilities and installations. Work has been done on all outdoor areas which have been transformed into light and attractive areas with a sustainable touch.

Coordination and planning

The renovation of Ravnkildevej has required a lot of coordination and planning. We carried out in-house production of the masonry, concrete work and carpentry, and we have been under a lot of time pressure. The time pressure has meant that we had to work very fast and it has placed heavy demands on the level of staffing on the project as well as on our abilities to make the critical processes go as planned. In May 2018 we handed over the last of the 15 blocks, and the final hand-over of the project was in July. 


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