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Refurbishment of Aarhus Cathedral School

Refurbishment and improvement of the indoor climate in listed buildings at Aarhus Cathedral School

Aarhus Cathedral School wished to refurbish two of its listed buildings and improve the indoor climate in the classrooms. As a result, 17 classrooms were refurbished and 480m2 of roof was replaced. Moreover, the entire ventilation system was replaced and asbestos was removed from the senior school.

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Refurbishment of Aarhus Cathedral School




Renovation, Education and research



Aarhus Cathedral School


Improvement of interior climate in listed buildings

As part of the refurbishment of Aarhus Cathedral School, MT Højgaard installed balanced ventilation in several of the school’s listed buildings, focusing on the improvement of the indoor climate. We also removed asbestos in the ceilings and old ventilation shafts.

As all the buildings of the senior school are listed, we took into consideration the interaction between the improvements to the indoor climate and the regulations for listed Buildings.

Respect for conservation and excellent architecture

The listed buildings that comprise Aarhus Cathedral School represent a total of 300 years of building culture with high architectural quality as well as changes and extensions to the buildings adapted to the requirements of different times. We undertook the refurbishment with the greatest respect for the values of the institution whilst ensuring a balance between an improvement of the school’s indoor climate and current building regulations.

Consideration for a functioning school

The senior school remained fully operational throughout the renovation period, a requirement that put great demands on controlling the noise level during the work. To meet this challenge, everyone involved in the project was committed to ensuring that the work was executed with a minimum of noise pollution.

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