MT Højgaard Danmark has many years of experience in refurbishing and renovating everything from houses, commercial buildings, shopping centres, health and cultural centres to schools and sports facilities.Whether it’s about taking on 100-year-old apartments or modernising a complex hospital building to create space for new therapies and treatments, we have specialists with the experience and skills to ensure a successful renovation.

Broad range of skills

MT Højgaard Danmark is able to offer all services from consultancy to energy optimisation and office design. A great strength of collaboration with MT Højgaard is our size. Both in MT Højgaard and our Group, we have the skills necessary to complete a successful project to the agreed timescale, price and quality. Our approach to any project is based on close co-operation between the relevant external partners, consultants and suppliers, as well as between our various professional groups within MT Højgaard.

Digital tools provide transparency

We use digital tools to support our renovation projects from start to finish. For example, we carry out digital scans of the properties we are going to renovate. This means that we can examine all the details, risks and opportunities, thus creating thoroughly thought-through constructions and solutions. When the actual construction begins, we also ensure a good process through area-based planning.

Co-operation with involvement and dialogue

Our experience is that dialogue and early involvement are the keys to success in our way of working. This applies to the client, colleagues and collaboration partners – and not least the users who need to live or work in the buildings undergoing the renovation.

We know that consideration, respect and understanding for the residents and users who move in and around a renovation every day are essential for a successful project. This means that we always strive to maintain a good dialogue and relationship with them as we work. Read more about our many exciting renovation projects here.  

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