- It's all about team spirit

As a senior project manager Mads Olsson spends a lot of time making the cooperation and the processes come together so the building project runs as effectively as possible. He insists that everyone needs to understand the value of proper cooperation and that the projects he is a part of has a strong team spirit.

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- If all parties understand the value of cooperation we usually end up with a succes, says Mads Olsson.

It's all about team spirit

In 2006 the young Mads Olsson with a Master of Engineering was hired as a construction engineer in MT Højgaard. Today, Mads has 14 years of experience, and he has overseen a series of projects from construction pits to handover with different titles on the business card. Right now, he is senior project manager with responsibility for the main contract on the New Health Faculty in Aalborg. A project he works on with several colleagues he has worked with before on the large housing project Kildeparken in Aalborg.

Put on the work gloves

- I like to start my day with a task or two on my computer. After that, my tasks vary a lot. Typically, I'll do a round trip on the construction site, have meetings with my team and the subcontractors on the site, reply to my e-mails, or do other tasks on the computer. Sometimes I put on my work pants to move a fence or clean up on the construction site with my colleagues, says Mads.

Kildeparken in Aalborg is one of the projects Mads has been a part of. The team on the project received a satisfaction rating of 96 out of 100 from the customer. 

Everyone needs to understand the value of cooperation

On the construction site there are a lot of people with a lot of different competencies. So, Mads has a wide contact surface every day.

- First and foremost, I am in dialogue with my closest employees on the project about anything and everything. Additionally, I am in contact with the client discussing the economy, execution of the project, and customer satisfaction. And of course, I am in close dialogue with both internal and external workers on the construction site and the subcontractors.

The trick is to set the right team

Even though Mads thinks that all his tasks are exiting, he has a special partiality to making the team on the project work.

- Every decision I make is basically about creating the right team with the right competencies and strengths. I meet new people all the time, and it is important for me to make them all work well together. I always set my team on the individual projects after who cooperates well. It is all about teamwork, and I want to create just the right team spirit for us to succeed. If all parties understand the value of cooperation all parties usually end up happy with the economy, quality, and schedule.

- Every decision I make is basically about creating the right team with the right competencies and strengths.

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