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Extensive refurbishment of 544 terraced houses as part of a larger overall plan

MT Højgaard was responsible for the refurbishment of 544 terraced houses, divided into approximately 90 blocks and covering a total of 40,000m2. The refurbishment was part of a larger overall plan that aims to develop Albertslund Syd.

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Project Details

Project Name

Albertslund Syd




Residential construction, Renovation



Bo-Vest, Residential co-operation in the western region of Copenhagen


Engineer: Torkil Laursen

The refurbishment of the terraced houses was necessary because the construction materials were showing signs of wear and tear having reached the end of their design life, the level of insulation was inadequate and there were significant issues with the indoor climate.

Carpentry work

As part of the refurbishment of Albertslund Syd, MT Højgaard’s responsibilities included carpentry work. This comprised the placement and fixing of prefabricated elements, windows, floors, roof windows, bays and window sills, grouting, kitchens and joinery. The exterior work comprised flashing, doors, façade and roof cassettes, façade slate cladding, baldachins, pergolas, sheds and fencing.

Among other things, the exterior work on the terraced houses in Albertslund Syd consisted of covering, doors, and façade and roof structures.

Improved light

We created new baldachins for all the houses and the flashing for the roof and windows in sheet metal, steel and glass. We also increased the height of the ceilings in the bay windows so that the same ceiling height was achieved throughout, thereby improving light overall.

We also replaced the roof structure in order for the residents to benefit from the greater spaciousness of the rooms as well as the increased daylight from the large windows facing the street.

A total of 544 terraced houses were renovated in Albertslund Syd.

The carpentry included placing and fastening of for example windows.

Energy efficient refurbishment project

During the refurbishment of Albertslund Syd, we focused on energy efficiency in order to comply with low energy class 2015 using passive means. The housing was also prepared for low energy class 2020.

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