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Extensive refurbishment of 178 houses

MT Højgaard has refurbished Bellisbakken for the housing association Birkebo. We have carried out the refurbishment in close collaboration with the client and the advisory engineer.

Project Details

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Boligselskabet Birkebo



When we first started the 178 houses were in need of a caring hand. Now the housing is difficult to recognise. We have installed new roof constructions, perimeter drains, and ventilation systems. We set up the construction site, did the digging, the demolition, the planting, and the drains. During the renovation we have worked with brickwork, joints, roofing, facades, carpentry, painting, plumbing and heating, ventilation and electrics.

Here for the residents

At Bellisbakken the residents were on our minds nonstop during the refurbishment. That’s the way it is on all our housing refurbishments. Kindness and receptiveness is important for the residents to feel comfortable with our presence, when we renovate. We always seek to be proactive og communicating because that creates the best results both for MT Højgaard, the client, and the residents. 

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