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Extensive repair of Møn Bridge (Queen Alexandrine Bridge) so that it can accommodate road and water traffic for many years to come

The 750m Møn Bridge connects Zealand and Møn. As it is more than 70 years old, it required an extensive refurbishment. MT Højgaard was responsible for the upgrading of the bridge between 2012 and 2016, in two separate stages.

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Project Details

Project Name

Møn Bridge




Bridges, Renovation



The Danish Road Directorate


Engineer: Rambøll Danmark

Concrete renovation of Møn Bridge

Concrete renovation at the 750m bridge was carried out for the Danish Road Directorate, and was a massive undertaking. We renovated the entire upper surface of the bridge in the first stage and replaced edge beams and railings. Road and pavement surfaces were replaced with a 100mm layer of reinforced concrete, covered by a 7mm layer of artificial coating.

During the second stage, the concrete structures under the road deck were repaired where necessary, and the whole of the underside of the road deck was protected using a so-called svumme treatment.

The 750m Møn Bridge connects Zealand and Møn.

Traffic on the bridge during the refurbishment work

In addition to the concrete renovation, we also undertook traffic control procedures as well as drilling and cutting works. One of the major challenges was that traffic across the bridge should continue to flow as usual, which meant that we could only work in one lane at a time.  We installed traffic lights to enable vehicles to cross the bridge safely via the one accessible lane.

Due to constant traffic on the bridge during the renovation, we worked in one lane at a time.

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