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The harbour in Rønne is expanded with more moorage and a longer jetty

Rønne Harbour is the harbour of supply on the island Bornholm and one of the largest cruise ports in Denmark. It now gets even larger with the expansion of the south-west basin. With a 450-meter extension of the outer jetty and 300 meters of new moorage the project is one largest ongoing marine works in Denmark.

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Project Details

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Rønne Harbour


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Marine works




Rønne Havn



A future-proof harbour

The harbour in Rønne needs to be prepared for the rising demands from costumers, and the expansion of the south-west basin is the second phase of the plan for the whole harbour. In this phase we are extending the outer jetty and giving the harbour more mooring space.

The depth of the basin is also increased to 11 meters. That creates enough space for large cruise ships to manoeuvre in and for the establishment of large offshore wind turbines in the future.

Heavy local supplies

Rønne Harbour is located at the west side of Bornholm. That location makes the harbour very exposed to strong winds and big waves. To make sure that the harbour can withstand the tough weather we are building a sturdy jetty. We are using rocks that in total weigh 600,000 tons. Some of them weigh up to 30 tons alone.

The rocks are very heavy to transport. Luckily, we are able to use local supplies from Bornholm. The majority of the rocks for the project is supplied from stone quarries on Bornholm. That reduces the impact on the environment connected with transportation and it ensures local employment.

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