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Energy upgrading of 256 properties to conform to current requirements. 32 properties became energy self-sufficient

At Skovgårdsparken in Brabrand, MT Højgaard was the design-build contractor responsible for the extensive energy upgrade of 256 apartments. As part of the project, we replaced all existing installations and installed ventilation in all properties. At the same time, outdoor areas were transformed into a more interesting landscape with green park-like elements that included recreational and play facilities.

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Renovation, ESG, Residential construction



Brabrand Boligforening


Architect: Poulsen & Partnere. Engineer: Moe & Brødsgaard

Energy upgrading of residential blocks

MT Højgaard undertook an extensive energy upgrade of 256 apartments on the two streets Karensvej and Sigridsvej in Skovgårdsparken in Aarhus. As part of the project, we replaced all installations and installed ventilation in the apartments. Moreover, the existing saddle roof was replaced with a flat roof, parapets were reinsulated and new balconies were installed.

As part of the energy renovation, all installations were replaced and ventilation was installed in the apartments.

In Aarhus, 256 apartments in Skovgårdsparken have undergone energy renovation.

We established a geothermal plant with heat pumps for 32 properties, which means that they are now energy self-sufficient. The project is the first in Denmark to conform to the requirements for low energy buildings, class 2015.

Today the apartments are self-sufficient in thermal energy.

Co-operation with the residents

All the occupants of Skovgårdsparken remained in their homes while the upgrading took place. It was therefore crucial for the success of the project that a good relationship was established with the residents from the outset, so that they could continue to live their daily lives and feel both comfortable and well informed over the course of the upgrade. 






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