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Hospital with 9,500 staff and nearly a million treatments annually

The vision for the New University Hospital (DNU) in Skejby is ambitious. It is to be a leading Danish hospital with a perfect balance of efficiency, sustainability and the working environment. DNU comprises the existing 160,000 m2 Skejby hospital and a new 220,000 m2 building of between four and eight storeys high. Some 50,000 m2 of the existing structure has been renovated and rebuilt to ensure the necessary integration with the new building.

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The New University Hospital in Skejby




Shell construction, Earthworks, sewerage and piling, Hospitals, Renovation



Central Denmark Region


DNU is a major project and we have been involved in both the renovation of the existing hospital and construction of the new building.

Renovation of existing buildings

Six existing buildings have been renovated in total. This involves new interior walls, doors and floors. In addition, they have all been painted and we have installed new ceilings.

MT Højgaard has been involved in both the construction of the new building as well as the renovation of the existing hospital.

The new building is flexible so that the concrete constructions can be changed and rebuilt without affecting the subjacent storeys.

Construction of the new building

MT Højgaard has been responsible for the shell structure, excavation, sewerage, final borings and closure of the construction sites. 

The 320 mm thick, cast in-situ floors ensures flexibility in the finished construction and allows DNU to modify and rebuild concrete structures without affecting the underlying floors. 


The construction of DNU includes the existing 160,000m2 hospital and the new 220,000m2 building.

Large steel structures and closed façades

The entire fourth floor of the building is a service floor and has been built using large steel structures where the façades have subsequently been sealed using different coloured sandwich panels. The floor is supported by pre-cast concrete columns.

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