As a BIM coordinator, Mette Bregnballe Kristensen helps ensure that the digital tools we have available are properly set up and that users are able to use them. For her it is a dream job and wonderful to be allowed to take part in the development and implementation of BIM (Building Information Modeling) and VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) at the construction site.

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Mette Bregnballe Kristensen is involved in the tender phase, the design phase and the execution phase of a new construction project. She ensures that 3D models are accessible to all those involved in the project and enables them to use the models in practice. 

“In collaboration with project management, I design strategies for our involvement in the construction projects, so that they are tailored to each individual case. It is my responsibility to prepare the BIM strategy and implement it from the tender phase through to the design and execution on the site,” she says.

Right now, she is working on a school project, the Skovbakkeskolen project in Odder and Møllevangen in Vejle, where, through BIM and digitisation, she helps create more efficient workflows.

“To me, it is about all the parties in a project having the information they need at the right time with the least possible effort. It’s a challenging task, and we’re constantly working on how we can do things in a smarter way. It’s unique to be allowed to be part of the whole process, working on the development of new initiatives and ensuring that they are implemented in practice. Using the project framework, I work out what is needed and what interventions it’s possible to make. At the same time, I’m also responsible for the measures being implemented. It’s easy to say that we need 3D models, but if we’re unable to use them, we don’t get the value we envisaged from the start,” says Mette. 

The dream job

Mette graduated as a civil engineer in Construction Management from Aalborg University in 2013. She subsequently worked as a construction manager at Banedanmark, but missed working with BIM, the subject of her thesis, which she wrote in collaboration with MT Højgaard. 

“It was an exciting job, but I wanted to work with BIM as a contractor. During my studies I developed a great interest in it, and I wanted to work at MT Højgaard as I had heard good things about it as a place to work,” she says.

Consequently she began to explore job opportunities at MT Højgaard. 

“I did my research and talked to a number of employees about different positions before sending off several applications. I saw many opportunities for exciting jobs at MT Højgaard. I applied for a graduate position where I saw good opportunities for creating a broad network in the company. But then I was lucky enough to be offered my dream job as a BIM coordinator. There is huge development potential in the industry, and I think it's really exciting to be involved,” says Mette.

Her recommendation to others looking for a job is to investigate the company thoroughly before applying. 

“You can do this by contacting people you know in the company because, yes, you can look at the website, but you get a far better insight when talking to the people who work there,” she says. 

Streamlined processes

BIM gives you the opportunity to clarify the client's needs and optimise in-house processes. That way waste and errors can be avoided and construction can be undertaken in the most efficient way. 

“It's a journey we're all on and my role is to make sure we get the new initiatives all the way out to the construction site. In addition, we get further by enabling our partners to use our models and tools. We get more value from sharing the model, because it increases everyone’s understanding of the project, thus giving us better-informed questions and input for the construction,” says Mette. 

She gives introductions to various applications for MT Højgaard people, subcontractors and project engineers, and she regularly follows up on their use. 

“They must learn to use the tools they have available to make the most of them. These small changes support the overall transformation at MT Højgaard, which we’re currently undergoing. I know for a fact that 3D models are welcomed by the people who have to do the work on the construction sites. They come and ask for them after talking to those who have used the models,” says Mette.

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