Mikkel grew up with a screwdriver in his hand. Today, he is a carpenter apprentice in MT Højgaard Danmark.

The dream of becoming a carpenter started early for Mikkel Rasmussen. Now he is close to achieving his goal. He is a carpenter apprentice in MT Højgaard Danmark, and he appreciates the many possibilities and different tasks.

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Mikkel Rasmussen is well under way in his education as carpenter. He is a second-year apprentice, and at the moment he is working on a refurbishment project where MT Højgaard Danmark is demolishing and rebuilding 241 apartments and 36 houses.

“I’ve been an apprentice in MT Højgaard Danmark since the beginning of my education. Until now I’ve been nothing but happy. I’m happy that I have the opportunity to move around on different sites so I can try different things. At the same time, I can meet and work with a lot of different people. I like that every day is different.”

Learns the most on the site

Mikkel has been on the refurbishment project for the last three months, and he is about to return to school. But he is already exited to return to the construction site again.

“I learn a lot more on the site than in School. The challenges here are bigger. In school I work with drawings and I have endless access to materials. If I cut something wrong I can just try it again. Here on the site we can’t just make a new facade element if something goes wrong. We have to think solutions all the time.”

Mikkel has always imagined becoming a craftsman, and he is very happy that he ended up with the carpenter education.

“I’ve worked with craftsmanship and carpenter tasks since I was little. I had a screwdriver in my hand before I had a pencil. We have a lot of craftsmen in the family within a lot of different trades, so I knew about my opportunities. But the carpenter trade was the most attractive to me.”

A lot of opportunities in MT Højgaard Danmark

Mikkel has a clear impression that being an apprentice in MT Højgaard Danmark is very different than in a smaller carpenter business.

“At a smaller company you don’t have the possibility to do the things we are doing on this site. Right now, we are mounting facade and roof elements on a number of terrace houses in the course of a few days. A small company doesn’t build whole hospitals or other large projects. At MT Højgaard Danmark apprentices get to try everything. That’s why it’s a big advantage for me to be here. I’ve recommended many of my friends to apply for an apprenticeship here.”

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