My job ranges from principles of statics in construction to personnel management

Trine Vejsgaard is head of department in MT Højgaard’s engineering unit, Design & Engineering Construction & Civil Works West, where she acts as a direct advisor for her colleagues. She sees the great difference it makes when we as colleagues understand each other’s challenges and have a common interest in succeeding.

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Trine Vejsgaard is a trained design engineer and has worked in the construction industry for 18 years. After having worked as a statics engineer and performed calculations on constructions, she first became a subject specialist and then a project manager. In May 2017, she ended up in MT Højgaard where she is head of department of Design & Engineering Construction West and has the responsibility for project design and design of constructions.

By beginning to work in a construction company, she went from advising many clients to one single client, her colleagues, and her hopes for the job change have been fulfilled in a positive way.

- I’m really happy to have ended up in MT Højgaard. It makes a lot of sense to me to work in a construction company as a direct advisor to my colleagues. It’s a great way of working which makes a lot of sense on the projects. When we collaborate with other departments in MT Højgaard, we have a great understanding for each other’s challenges and dilemmas and a common interest in succeeding. And when we’re on a tight schedule, both in terms of time and finances, and we’re working on complicated projects, then the common goal makes all the difference. 

Good relations and team spirit

As head of department, Trine has nine employees in her team. She has been there since the department was set up, and that has affected how she works.
- My primary task so far has been to create good relations internally, get to know the organisation and hire the right people, so we now have something to build on, so that in the future, we can continue to do better and grow, says Trine. 

In her daily work, she brings into play both administrative and social skills as well as her skills in engineering. 
- My tasks range from estimating static principles of construction to managing employees and handling the things that come with that. I really enjoy the versatility of my job and especially working with people. Playing a part in building up a team and a team spirit is really important to me, she says.

Commitment is contagious

- I was welcomed into MT Højgaard really well. I work in Risskov in Aarhus, where we have a really good organisational culture, and it is just wonderful being here! There are many enthusiastic and competent colleagues who show a high degree of commitment, and that is contagious, says Trine. 

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