Victoria is an intern in MT Højgaard Danmark: “I’m everything else than a fly on the wall.”

Victoria Valente Bærentzen is an intern in MT Højgaard Danmark and is part of a datacentre building. It’s important for her that she spends her time in a workplace where she is challenged, and where there is room for everyone.

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“I’ve been places where I’ve been told that I could just put my foot down if I thought the tone was too much. A comment like that is not necessary here. It’s a given that we treat each other with respect.”

Since the seventh grade Victoria has known that she wanted to work in construction. Now that she has experienced the industry for real, she is certain that she has found her place.

“I was very exited to see if I thought it was the right place for me when I actually started working with construction. Luckily I’ve found out that this is exactly where I’m supposed to be.”

Challenged in a good way

Victoria who lives in the middle of Copenhagen doesn’t mind getting up early to catch the bus to the construction site. She knows that there is always a ton of work to do when she gets there.

“I’m responsible for measuring drawings and calculating materials. I think that it’s a big responsibility because I’m the one making sure we have all the materials we need. I’m challenged in a good way every day. I need to face new and different problems and solve them in a practical way.”

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