MT Højgaard has been present in the Maldives since 1999, and we offer a wide variety of services. More than 35 islands in the Maldives carry our footprints in the form of coastal protection, harbours, resorts, roads, or bridges, and our customers have come to know us for the fact that we always deliver on time and on budget. Our many years of experience combined with our strong competencies enable us to deliver a high-quality product.

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Marine works

Marine works is one of MT Højgaard’s core competencies in the Maldives. We have the competencies to take on any construction or civil work project in marine environments, and among others, we conduct revetment and breakwater structures to protect the Maldivian islands. 

Since we began operating in the Maldives in 1999, we have completed more than 16,000 metres of coastal protection revetments and 7,000 metres of breakwaters. 

For more information about marine works in the Maldives, please contact Managing Director Niels Brock Ulrich through telephone +960 79 40 680 or via email 

Precast elements

An environmentally friendly way of optimising our processes is through the use of our own precast yard, where we manufacture our own concrete elements. In refraining from casting many of our elements under water, we obtain a better control of the quality of the elements. The precast elements in our standard jetty design enable further distance between columns than casting in situ. In that way, we minimise erosion and spare the marine environment as much as possible. 

Our precast yard supports both our resort and marine works activities. Our precast elements are effective, thoroughly tested, and of a high quality. An example of one of our precast elements is our standard jetty system that is already modelled up for fast planning.  

If you wish to know more about our precast yard, please contact Senior Project Manager Jorgen Feldborg Skaarup at +960 7964 874 or via email


At MT Højgaard we combine many of our competencies when we construct resorts. Our ability to quickly deliver high quality results is rooted in our own local precast concrete yard in the Maldives. We design and manufacture sturdy, long-lasting, low-maintenance units that are perfect for the marine environment. Our use of Virtual Design and Construction, VDC, is one of our biggest strengths in building resorts because it enables us to simulate the building digitally in the planning period. Simulating the project before it is built helps us optimise the project and minimise risks. 

For more information about resorts in the Maldives, please contact Senior Project Manager Jorgen Feldborg Skaarup at +960 7964 874 or via email

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