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New ferry terminal will help ease traffic to and from the Port of Aarhus

In Aarhus, MT Højgaard has won the main contract to build a new ferry terminal. The terminal, which will especially be used by the ferry line Molslinjen, will be moved to the East Port, which will help reduce traffic in central Aarhus.

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Project Details

Project Name

Aarhus Ferry Terminal


In progress


Marine works




Port of Aarhus


Client consultant: Rambøll

MT Højgaard is the general contractor on the new ferry terminal in Aarhus. The contract comprises establishment of quays, foundations for ramps, subbase course in the ferry berths, piers, enrockments, and dredging and filling on the street Østhavnsvej.

Moving the terminal eases traffic

The ferry terminal in Aarhus will have a new location as it is moved from Pier 3 in central Aarhus to the East Port. 

This means less traffic in central Aarhus on the roads leading to and from the terminal. It will also mean less ferry traffic, because ferry berths and waiting areas for cars will be placed more functionally so that in the future, cars and lorries can enter and exit the ferry more quickly when it moors in the East Port.

Very soft ocean floor

The project is characterised by how it is to be executed on a soft ocean floor with a lot of ocean silt, which is an organic material at the bottom of the ocean, making the ocean floor unstable.

The soft ocean floor means that we must be cautious in the execution of the project so the ocean silt is not turned over. It is a complicated process, because we must dig deep to come across viable soil. 

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