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Sustainable and modern head office with stylish design for 1.100 Novo Nordisk employees

We built a new head office for Novo Nordisk in Bagsværd. The areal extent of the project was 37,000 m2 with a built up footprint of 8,800 m2 and a total floor area of 50,500 m2. The head office itself consists of two buildings surrounded by parkland. One is cylindrical over six floors. The other is wedge shaped with four floors.

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Project Details

Project Name

Novo Nordisk Head Office




Industrial and commercial construction, Design and engineering, Sustainability, Steel



Novo Nordisk


Engineer: ALECTIA. Architect: Henning Larsen Architects

MT Højgaard undertook a design and build contract at Novo Nordisk’s head office in Bagsværd.

BIM for precision and visualisation

When we created the head office, we used BIM from the design phase onwards. We built a BIM model that we used both to coordinate the work and design and to convey that design to our sub-contractors.

We also assisted Novo Nordisk with a digital visualisation model based on the BIM model in order for them to show their employees what their future workplace would look like.

The head office comprises two office buildings, one of which is cylindrical and the other is wedge shaped.

The cylindrical building has six storeys and the wedge shaped has four storeys.

Europe’s largest crane handled the lifting of a 90 tonne steel element

One of the great challenges of the head office project was the creation of the 90 tonne steel construction with a diameter of 32m, which forms the framework of the distinctive glass cupola.  When we lifted the steel element, we had to use the largest crane in Europe. Although it took some three days to assemble the crane, which had a ballast of 350 tonnes and a 104m arm, the end result was worth the effort.

Low energy consumption

The buildings have a clear and simple expression with white façade tiles and light materials combined with Nordic stone and wood. They have been constructed with a view to low energy consumption, which is reflected in the sensors, the light and ventilation, which ensure that they fulfil the 2015 energy requirements for new buildings.

The roof of the cylindrical building is built with aluminium slats.

The façade of the office is decorated with white tiles and light materials.

Specially designed steel

In terms of the round building, our carpentry department used aluminium slats for the roof. We also sourced specially designed steel from Italy, which was subsequently rolled in Odense for the construction.


Acoustics are important in the large atrium to achieve optimum sound balance. The ceilings and balcony railings are clad with Mono Acoustic foam from Rockfon, which was sprayed directly on to the surfaces. Mono Acoustic foam absorbs the sound in the atrium where the many hard surfaces would otherwise reflect it.

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