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Modern psychiatric unit and emergency department create a professional and valuable treatment environment

The new psychiatric unit at Vejle Hospital is an amalgamation of the psychiatric units in Kolding and Vejle. The project was undertaken in a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) with DEAS and the PensionDanmark, PKA and SamPension pension funds. The building became operational at the beginning of 2017.

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Project Details

Project Name

Vejle Psychiatric Hospital







Public sector contracting entity: The Region of Southern Denmark. Client: PPP Vejle


Operating agreement in collaboration with DEAS. Architect: Arkitema - Headquarters. Engineer: MOE

The building is located in the beautiful Vejle Ådal and the picturesque landscape is an important element in the architectural design. The building totals 17,400 m2 and is set over two storeys. The new psychiatric unit is near Vejle Hospital and the two areas are linked via a footbridge and a tunnel.

PPP project

The psychiatric unit has been built as a PPP project with DEAS as the operational partner and the PensionDanmark, PKA and SamPension pension funds as financing partners. Because the partners share responsibility for the new building, the PPP ensures a long-term, financially viable and competitive building solution.

The accommodating lobby in the new psychiatric ward in Vejle.

Operations for the next 25 years

The new psychiatric unit partnership builds on an agreement we made in 2012 with DEAS and the pension funds with regard to joint participation in future Public-Private Partnership projects. With the pension funds’ function as the project’s financing partners, we will manage the operation of the building for the next 25 years in collaboration with DEAS.

Operational responsibility includes maintenance of the buildings, installations and parking facilities, which will ensure that the buildings are future proofed and that the new psychiatric unit will be assured of a high operating level.

One of the facilities at the psychiatric ward in Vejle is a gym, containing several training facilities.

Nature is incorporated as an architectonic element in the psychiatric hospital.

A building in a picturesque setting

Access to nature and views of the countryside aid the healing process of psychiatric patients. The unit, therefore, is built around communal areas and open, recreational courtyards.

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